This week .. Deciding the law on public holidays

Dispute is confined to the National Day and the birth of the Prophet (r) BAGHDAD – morning announced Chairman of the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Parliamentary on the Keywords that the Presidency of Parliament will decide this week a bill on public holidays and set a date to complete the discussion and approval.

called Keywords in a statement the “center Bri Network Iraqi media “Presidency of the Council of Representatives to speed up the introduction of a bill on public holidays to read it a second reading and taking track legislative absence of any justification delay approval, explaining that the law on public holidays from laws that have been proposed in the previous legislature.

said Chairman of the Committee that the law did not initiate At that time due to the differences between the political blocs, mostly religious differences as he put on official holidays, adding that in the current legislative session Committee tasked Awqaf and Religious Affairs in coordination with the Commission on Culture and Information for re-enacted, where it was read a first reading.

stated Keywords that eight months ago and even now did not raise the presidency of the Parliament Act to read it a second reading in order to take its course Legislative natural, adding that he was Tndij opinion by committees that are limited to certain events and make holiday confined to the provinces only. also added that one of the proposals national holiday to be on entering Iraq to League of Nations in the third of October of the year 1932.

either Vice Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Information MP Maysoon al she said in a statement the “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network”: that of its submitted a report to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on the bill on public holidays. Damluji She said: The days of holidays that include some religious events that affect the functioning of the country can be counted “public holidays” limited to some provinces only by the need to maintain. She Damluji that there are more to choose for the National Day of the most prominent of the fourteenth of July as a day Iraq’s transition from ownership to the Republic in 1958, pointing out that in the definitions, the political republic is more successful in running the country if practiced correctly.

seeks the House of Representatives now to end the problems facing the approval of the draft law public holidays, which includes the identification of more than 20 days holiday During a single year, as reported parliamentary sources for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” recently, said the law faced reservations of a number of deputies at the risk of first reading, where differing views on a number holidays included due to the large religions and multiple communities in Iraq, while permeated debates controversial on identifying appropriate which is calculated holiday and a national holiday to Iraq. and in this regard, see Prince Kanani Vice President Legal Committee of the House of Representatives that “the law holidays of important laws, but he and when it was introduced for first reading in the House of Representatives showed a real problem.”

said Kanani’s “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” that “there are many religions and minorities in Iraq, which has rituals and events and thus calculate all those occasions public holidays may mean disable state which met reservations number of deputies.” He continued: “The Presidency and the impact of the emergence of differences that accompanied the debate legislation and divergent opinions decided to postpone the law and discussed at the moment while adjusting paragraphs and submitted a manner that achieves consensus blocs, especially as the dispute between the blocs was on one occasion, while he expressed deputies reservations on a number holidays that can be calculated during the year, which could disrupt State institutions and hamper its work. “

Regarding the reported Damluji that there is disagreement within the Commission of Awqaf and Religious Affairs on birthday master objects Muhammad. however Keywords downplayed the dispute to determine the day the Prophet’s Birthday, indicating that the dispute over religious events private, has been reached to give the freedom of the celebration and disable official working in the provinces only.