Muttalibi confirms Iraq’s ability to emerge from Chapter VII during the next phase

BAGHDAD / With: A member of the state law Saad logistical, Thursday, that Iraq is able to get out of Chapter VII during the next phase, referring to the easing of relations between Iraq and Kuwait after the convergence of views and Iraqi diplomatic success, he says.

Said Muttalibi News Agency correspondent future, that: “Iraq will be able to in the past and probably the next few months to persuade the international community and the Security Council directed from Chapter VII, after he had managed to apply the majority of the provisions of this law and its application on the ground, and after could get rid of the policy of the former regime aggressive toward neighboring countries in particular and the world in general. “

Calling: “the legislative, executive, judicial and political elites to contribute to providing the appropriate conditions to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and open horizons of cooperation with major countries to be with by Iraq in this regard”, and that “there is a convergence great success for diplomacy Iraqi approximation of views between the Iraqi side and Kuwait After a series of meetings and continuous meetings and visits, where there is a breakthrough occurred crisis between the two parties, which will contribute significantly to the phase of the seventh item. “

The UN Security Council approved on the sixteenth of January 2010 three special resolutions in Iraq ended the first oil for food program, while calling the other to extend the immunity that protects Iraq from claims related era of former President Saddam Hussein, after Iraq confirmed that it will not ask any extensions Other work (DFI) which was the immunity from malpractice claims.