Committee to meet again over oil and gas bill

ERBIL, Sept.7 (AKnews)-Next meeting over choosing one of the three oil and gas bills will be held next week, said coordinator for oil and gas committee at the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

The first oil and gas bill introduced in 2007 was suspended due to lack of political consensus. A second one has been proposed by the oil and gas committee and the third one by deputy prime minister for energy affairs, Hussein Shahrestani in 2011.

Qasem Mohammed who is also a member at the committee assigned to choose one of the bills said on Sunday the committee will meet for the second time for mulling over more details and the suggestions.

Mohammed said all the parties insist that Iraq should have its oil and gas law the soonest. All have also agreed that the 2007 bill become the basis for the law because the Erbil and Baghdad governments both agreed to it, according to the MP.