An invitation to monitor the money transfer mechanisms

BAGHDAD – morning called economic expert on behalf of Jamil, the competent authorities to tighten controls on the import and audit procedures transfer of funds to reduce the phenomena of smuggling foreign currency and money laundering.

Jameel said: that Iraq has become a market for the disposal of goods neighboring countries, regardless of their quality, whether good or bad without having effective control over import operations, making some weak souls entering goods unfit for human consumption to the country.

added for (news): that these processes that take place in the absence of government control and real control over imported goods led to the emergence of the phenomenon of money laundering or bleached In contrast, there are processes to convert external funds held in both banking offices transfers or banks under the pretext of import goods, but in fact graduated without the receipt of goods and merchandise.

stressed the importance of checking imported goods and control the operations of foreign exchange for the funds to prevent tampering and reduce the phenomena of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency .