Activating the strategic framework agreement between Washington and Baghdad

The agreement comes with the intensification of U.S. officials visits to the country, which politicians said it aims to discuss four axes and files. Has received Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday evening and a delegation of members of the U.S. Congress included Senator John McCain and Senator Joseph Lieberman and Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Maliki said, according to a statement, the seriousness of the current situation in the region, saying: that the nature of relations between Iraq and the United States require more coordination and consultation. Prime Minister pointed out that ‘our efforts instead to focus on the development process and the development of the country only we think in addition to that, how to spare Iraq risks, noting that Iraq pursued a policy of non-interference the affairs of others and extending the hand of friendship and open relations with countries that respect our sovereignty and does not interfere in our internal affairs.

He added that the experiences of similar people, but they will not be reproduced Every country has their own circumstances that should be taken into account in dealing with it.

And between Maliki and Iraq to stand by the peoples’ right to dignity, freedom does not mean not paying any attention to the risks that could lead to him any work is thoughtful and calculated results, stressing the need for direction to peaceful solutions based on renounce violence and killing and destruction from any party whatsoever. The Prime Minister also called to the need to intensify the efforts of the international community for convergence and reduce the division winning on some issues of the region, particularly the crisis in Syria that it needs to be stressed understanding between the allies and opposition allies to reach peaceful solutions can avoid Syria more tragedies and disasters.

He continued: that Iraq presented a specific initiative in this regard put all their resources for the success of any effort to save Syria from the current situation and put it on the road to a real solution.

For their part, members of Congress stressed the need of continuing communication and consultation between the two countries on various issues and challenges facing the region, stressing their willingness to strengthen these relations, stressing at the same time convergence of views with his Prime Minister of vision about the latest happenings in the region.

Lawmakers expressed concern about the ongoing developments in the countries, which they described as congested and more tense than ever, expressing admiration for Iraq including pieces from games in the way of rebuilding and reconstruction.

The delegation noted that Iraq could have an influential role in resolving the current problems and tensions in the policy pursued distinct.

He also met with House Speaker Osama Najafi yesterday, the delegation of the U.S. Congress. The two sides discussed during the meeting, the situation in Iraq and the challenges that hinder the progress of the democratization process and how it can be addressed by peaceful means and appropriate.

Also touched on the Syrian crisis and its impact on the overall political and social situation in Iraq and how serious the issue of Iraq after further complicated and took trend portends sharp conflicts undesirable consequences, according to a statement to him, and the two sides agreed on the need to development and promotion of bilateral relations within the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries.

In the meantime, said a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Abbas al-Bayati: The successive visits to Iraq by U.S. delegations come to meet four important strategic objectives.

Bayati also pointed out that there is no ambassador for more than four months may have led to the type of interruption, stressing that the visit of these delegations came to emphasize the U.S. commitment with Iraq, and it still exists and is constant and unchanging, he said, adding that visiting delegations stressed the important point is Washington’s commitment to arming the Iraqi army and in a timely manner, particularly the aircraft (f16).

And a member of the security committee noted that these visits came to check inter targets a proof of the depth of relations between Iraq and the United States, and on the willingness of parties to abide in this relationship, pointing out that these visits came to pay all parties to compatibility and meet, especially after crossing the political crisis