Kuwait and Iraq officials discuss the outstanding issues and methods to resolve

Kuwait Takdugod acceleration in resolving many of the outstanding issues with Iraq BAGHDAD / Conference

The head of the Presidium of the Republic Naseer al-Ani, the Iraqi people aspire to remove the obstacles that stand in the re relationship with Kuwait, in what was considered the Kuwaiti ambassador to Baghdad that a major breakthrough seen relations between the two countries, confirming the presence of an acceleration in resolving some of the outstanding issues, especially the missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti archives .

said the presidency in a statement issued yesterday that «President of the Presidium of the Republic Naseer al-Ani, received in his office, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Ali believer», indicating that «they discussed prospects Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and ways of developing and escalating rates of resolving the outstanding issues».

statement quoted Ani as saying that «the two countries along to each and linked by connections clan and family rooted», stressing that «the Iraqi people aspire to remove all obstacles that stand in the back and ties the relationship between the two peoples».

statement also quoted the Kuwaiti ambassador as saying that «major breakthrough seen relations between the two countries », explaining that he had« been resolved many of the files, the most important issue of sovereignty ». considered believer that« there is an acceleration in the resolution of some outstanding issues other, especially the issue of missing Kuwaitis and Archive yield of the State », stressing that« Iraq gate Kuwait security and Kuwait gateway to Iraq for the welfare and when accelerating steps seriously to resolve the remaining will be gone a lot of factors doubts and suspicion ».

witnessing Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are positive developments as it announced Kuwaiti Ambassador in Iraq to the insured in (30 April 2012), that his country will open soon consulates in the cities of Erbil and Basra as well as the offices of the embassy in the number of Iraqi provinces, and confirmed that the Kuwaiti side touching seriousness of the Iraqi government to close the outstanding issues between the two countries since the nineties of the last century.

As a result of the improvement in relations agreed Kuwait with Iraq to shed compensations for Kuwait Airways that is created Khtok joint air worth the amount of compensation, which amounted to about $ 300 million