Iran: American and Israeli interests and respond to both countries in case there was any attack

Iranian military commander: We make no distinction between the American and Israeli interests and respond to both countries in case there was any attack

Posted 05/09/2012 03:16 PM

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iranian military commander said on Wednesday that Iran does not differentiate between American and Israeli interests and would respond to both countries in the event of an attack.

The comments came after the White House denied a news report Israelis that he is negotiating with Tehran to keep the United States is far from any future war between Israel and Tehran in a time when U.S. President Barack Obama to defend himself from accusations of his opponent in the election as very soft in the position of Iran.

The news agency Fars news agency quoted Ali Fadavi naval commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as saying “separation of the Zionist regime and America does not make sense and we must not acknowledge that Israel separate from America.”

Fadavi said, “On this basis, the only Americans who are now taking a menacing stance of the Islamic Republic … if he commits smallest crap Americans will not leave the area safely.”

Iran conducted – that its missiles can reach Israel and U.S. targets in the region – and military exercises revealed weapons have been updated in the past few months in order to show its ability to defend itself from any attack targeting its nuclear sites.

Israel says that the presence of a nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to its existence. It is believed that Israel is the only country that possesses nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Tehran denies it is developing weapons and says its nuclear program is peaceful.

With the approach of the U.S. presidential election in November called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a toughening of Iran’s position to reject implicitly Obama’s emphasis on diplomacy and pressure through sanctions to stop Iran’s nuclear activity.

While Israel will expect U.S. backing if it decides to attack Iran, the Martin Dempsey, head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff hinted that Washington would not going to provoke any conflict.

The British Guardian newspaper quoted Martin Dempsey as saying, “I do not want to be complicit if they choose to do this.”

Netanyahu ended abruptly mini-cabinet meeting on security affairs on Wednesday, saying that no one at the meeting leaked details of their discussions on Iran.

Under Israeli law, any decision to go to war with Iran would require government approval mini on security affairs. The government official said on condition of anonymity that he did not take such decisions at a meeting on Tuesday
Source: altahreernews