Congress is turning on Obama, criminal if attacked Iran would destroy Israel and start World War III

Congress is turning on Obama describes as a criminal and confirms if attacked Iran would destroy Israel and start World War III


Palm – A member of the U.S. Congress and presidential candidate, former U.S. “Mike Gravel” that drums of war against Iran is something very dangerous, because Iran is not Syria or Lebanon and has the ability propelled grenades raining by Israel if attacked, stressing that there are ways optimized to solve the problem with the Islamic Republic Iran.

A member of the U.S. Congress that Israel is weak and very small, they (Israel) will retaliate with nuclear weapons after Iran’s response to the attack, as it is not able to Israelis that endure the idea of destruction and predicted Mike Gravel that Pakistan and China will join this war and then Stlehma the United States and this scenario Ready for a nuclear World War III.

And Aattabrgrafl that beating the drums of war against Iran is something very serious and shows a lack of sense of responsibility when the Israeli leadership, criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, because it was statements against Iran in the very absurd, stressing that all this bears panic in the hearts of Israelis.

And describes the former congressman, Benjamin Netanyahu People Pkmab judge scared and stressed Mike Gravel on the best way to solve the problem with Iran is that let them build its own democracy and said Iran is not Syria or Lebanon .. Iran nation the iddah itself and has the ability propelled grenades – and not a nuclear capability – it can be raining rocket Tel Aviv and tell you: if Iran is attacked, they will respond.

In the context of opposition to U.S. policy, said Gravel I love the United States but at the same time I think that my country imperialist in the case of degeneration and our leadership does not recognize the problem until he has turned the tone of victory empty mechanism to pay Americans to fear of a terrorist attack, however, is more likely a thousand once that get cancer from that hurt so offensive.

He said all I can say about what the U.S. is doing is the following: It is immoral, explaining that as a result of the events of September 11, we changed our compass and ethical people used to treat each other brutally and Aattabrgrafl that all American soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam died in vain where and accused President Barack Obama of committing crimes against humanity.

He said that the policies of the new U.S. enables U.S. military commanders and U.S. intelligence of the decision and send a drone to kill a suspect without any trial in addition to all civilians who happen to their presence in the vicinity of the target and added the moral behind it is to evade responsibility, those who throw bombs (from mechanism drones are controlled remotely) Iron people who are dying.

He stressed presidential candidate former U.S. that President Obama has committed crimes against humanity after the military operation in Libya and the two circles in Afghanistan and Iraq, however Gravel said to imperceptible most people the fact that the U.S. administration had expelled more than 500,000 people from the United States in the past year if we had truthful media really this is news occupied the front pages and discussed in earnest.
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