Economist suggests small banks to merge with some strong serving to attract global investments

Baghdad (News) … Suggested Economist Manaf Al Sayegh, merge small banks with little capital to form strong banks with large capital in order to attract foreign investment to the country.

He said Sayegh (News Agency for children) on Wednesday: that banks with large capital attracts global investments and make the Iraqi banking sector strong and up to date with the global banking sector and contribute to the development of investment in the country.

He added: the two small banks merge would save small banks from loss and good management configuration and attracts customers and members with a great win confidence.

Sayegh said: to Iraq future global investments for infrastructure and needs strong banks to make it work, so you must call small banks to merge with other banks to form large banks attractive to investment and able to meet customers ‘ financial balaltzmatha and companies.

He: the integration of banks is a good chance to create banks with capital able to trigger investment and provide the best services.