Iraqi parliament will reconvene Sept 11; Will discuss Chapter VII obligations

Parliament lifted its 11 September after the vote on the 3 laws and the completion of reading the four draft laws Monday, 03 September / September 2012 17:09

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House voted at the nineteenth, which was chaired by Qusay al-Suhail, first deputy head of the House of Representatives and in the presence of 199 deputies Monday on three laws and extend the work of the Office of the elections for 15 days while finished reading the first and second of four laws .

The Council adjourned its until Tuesday of next week on 11 September the current. At the beginning of the meeting, according to a statement of the Department of Media has postponed the Presidency vote on the draft legal Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Supreme Court , based on the desire of the heads of blocs in order to allow more time to complete the dialogues about them .

of his part Qusay al-Suhail said Federal Court Act requires two-thirds and full compatibility between the political blocs, pointing to the critical importance of legal being the differ from the rest of the laws .

by another voice Council on a proposal third amendment to the electoral law of provincial and district and respects No. (36) for the year 2008 The report of the Legal Committee for not owning a Central Bureau of Statistics data on population and other necessary information for the preparation of voter registration and elections are held as scheduled .

and completed the Council vote on the bill villages modern agricultural and submitted by the Committee of Agriculture and Water and marshes for the purpose of expanding the agricultural area in accordance with modern methods and diverse organization villages modern agricultural and operation experiences of agricultural graduates from the faculties of agriculture and veterinary medicine and agricultural institutes and contribute to achieving food security and the elimination of unemployment and improve the environment .

as the Council voted to extend the work of the Electoral Commission for a period of 15 days after the postponement of the vote on the proposed law to amend the Law of the Electoral Commission for elections No. ( 11) of 2007, as amended and submitted by the Legal Committee .

completes Council vote on a bill to cancel the decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council (dissolved ) in the educational field numbered (1117) on 15/10/1977 (1150) 09/02/1978 (1677 ) 12.03.1979 (972) 28.07.1982 (1382) 04.11.1982 (391) 03.30.1983 (945) 08/20/1984 (644 ) 11/10/1989 and (120) 04.23.1992 (124) 06/08/1992 (87) 08.14.1996 (119) 07/17/1998 and submitted by the committees Education and Higher Education and Legal after obviate the need to some decisions of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council relating to area educational and cancellation .

and completed the reading first bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and Defense and Security, which comes in order to avoid the potential dangers of looting and theft and use of nuclear materials illegally and ensure international cooperation in the protection of the peaceful use of energy nuclear and facilitate the safe transport of nuclear material .

ended the Council first reading of the draft law the border and submitted by the committees of services and reconstruction, security, defense and finance in order to standardize the management of ports border and ensure the smooth implementation of laws and instructions governing the work of government departments where what he believes to streamline work and the entry of people and goods and raise the level of services where and show border crossings proper manner as interface for Iraq .

and completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Republic of Iraq on the treaty United Nations ban Comprehensive Nuclear-Test of 1996 and submitted by committees relations Foreign and security and defense .

At interventions on the draft law MP Riad Ghraib on the importance of the Treaty in enhancing the reputation of Iraq universally calling attention to the peaceful nuclear energy .

and MP Hamid Buffy the treaty is very important and requires from Iraq seeking to contribute in whatever achieve peace security .

stressed MP Walid ornaments on the importance that the Convention is binding on all countries in the world without duplication, especially that nuclear weapons affect world peace and human rights .

For his part, purity of net debt and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ban Treaty is part of Iraq’s obligations towards the Council UN Security for out of Chapter VII imposed urging a vote on the treaty . called for security and defense committee, ladies and gentlemen deputies to vote on the treaty to achieve security and world peace .

ended the second reading of the draft law banning the Baath Party and the dissolved entities and racist activities and terrorist and expiatory and submitted by the committees of the Security and Defense and the Justice and Accountability .

and interventions of Representatives on the bill drew MP Hassan Khalaf al-Jubouri for reserving the law Saddam’s Baath only and not to expand based on what the text of the Constitution .

called Bahaa al-Araji to unify laws resurrection dissolved, including accountability and justice law to check their purpose .

demanded Rep. Hanan al reconsider Committee problem to follow the activities of the dissolved Baath Party . explained Rep. but Talabani said the bill includes a lot of material shall sanctions only, which calls for reconsidering those materials .

his part suggested MP Ali Keywords add a new article includes maintenance community risk the Baath Party and the damage caused them .

saw MP unit Jumaili importance subdue some vocabulary contained in the draft law to the legal framework ensures not be used for private purposes .

urged Attorney Saman Fawzi to speed up the vote on the law of what Iraq is going through the political developments proposed addition and Deputy Minister of Justice in the Kurdistan region to the Committee on follow-up activity dissolved party .

and MP Walid ornaments that continue to delay legislation law gives a negative message about the role of the Council of Representatives, which requires speed voted upon within 10 days .

cautioned MP Mahmoud Othman said legislation law may collide with the presence of many belonging previously to the Baath Party who are in the government departments and security agencies now .

For his part, called MP Amer winner to issue a special list includes the names of terrorist entities and expiatory and racism in addition to the Baath Party .

confirmed the security and defense committee in response to the interventions taking into consideration the proposals of Representatives and private that are consistent with the Constitution in order to make adjustments necessary and rewrite law.