Social Security Act would reduce the unemployment rate and guarantees for workers in the private sector of their rights

Baghdad (news) .. Noted member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Magda Tamimi, that Social Security Bill will ensure the rights of workers in the private sector, noting that the law will be submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote later this month after he was first reading him.

said Tamimi (News Agency news) on Monday: The Social Security Bill will ensure calculating service worker in the private sector and guarantee him a pension as in the public sector. said: that the law will protect the right of every child to working in the private sector, which would include within care as in the government sector.

explained: that the Finance Committee in connection with amendments to the Social Security Act and the law of public pension and end of the month the current will be presented the law to the House of Representatives for approval. said Tamimi: that the law will encourage labor to work in the private sector after securing their rights and will reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty.