Maliki discuss with the help Clinton three files; Most important implications of the Syrian situation in Iraq

Baghdad (news) .. Discuss Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones, the political developments in the region, especially in Syria, along with Mlvein interns.

A source in the prime minister (of the Agency news Bnme): The Maliki received at his office Elizabeth Jones, and discussed with them three files is important, first of the Syrian situation and its repercussions on Iraq, the political crisis in Iraq, continuing the implementation of the Convention on the strategic frameworks between Baghdad and Washington.

The source added: that the Syrian file accounted for most of the time the meeting, where touched Elizabeth Jones to the role that should play in Iraq crisis , also touched on how to confront the implications for Iraq in the event of the departure of Assad. source noted: that Maliki spoke frankly about the implications for the development of the Syrian, and what is happening where, as extremism to the initiative of Iraq to resolve the Syrian crisis, and continued: It focuses Alhdidt about agreement frameworks strategy between Baghdad and Washington, and it was agreed to continue. / last details in a statement issued by Maliki’s office.