U.S. State: officials to Baghdad and there is progress in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII

U.S. State: a planned visit to a number of ministry officials to Baghdad and there is progress in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII

Monday, 03 September / September 2012 13:12

[Baghdad – where]

Announced the U.S. State Department for a planned visit to a number of U.S. Almsaoliyn to Iraq to activate Convention Alstratjah between the two countries.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones at a press conference building the U.S. embassy in Baghdad attended by the correspondent all of Iraq [where] on Monday that “a number of Almsaoliyn Americans would visit Iraq in the coming days to activate the work of the Joint Commission within the strategic framework agreement between the two countries will reach During the next two days the first agent in the U.S. State Department and is responsible for energy Ambassador file [Adaptin Cowell. ”

She added, “As Iraq will also Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador William Burns during the next two weeks within the same purpose and other officials., Without referring to a visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

And asked about steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council, Jones said, “We talked with the governments of Iraq and Kuwait in addition to the UN Security Council for the implementation of all procedures for the transfer of Iraq from Chapter VII private international sanctions to Section VI Special solving problems between the parties to the conflict amicably through bilateral negotiations without interference or international supervision and work is continuing to achieve this and perhaps progress will be made in this area the end of the year. ”

And file arming Iraqi forces and health news for the United States dealing double in the training of pilots Iraqi warplanes [F16] confirmed Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, “The United States strongly supports be for Iraq a strong army represented all components of its people and untrue to the charges and news about their dealings double with pilot training because the relationship between the two countries are governed by joint agreements and the exchange of trust and not subject to moods and attitudes, “she said” It was delivered by the Iraqi side and a new meal from tanks within the same Convention Alstratjah as well as ammunition donated by the United States for free. ”

It showed that “we are confident Iraqi side and are not worried about the arrival of this equipment to foreign countries but armament contracts need time in the process of manufacturing and processing and training” pointing to “that there was no pressure, whether international or external to arm Iraqi forces because of the U.S. interest that Iraq possessed a strong army and independent to take its role and its real size in the region and are fully aware that Iraq, which enjoys sovereignty how to handle and dispose with its neighbors and its Arab and regional levels. ”

On the opinion United States delay parliamentary approval of the draft law the Electoral Commission for elections and naming the council members, Jones said “we respect the procedures of the Iraqi parliament is certainly making efforts to form this commission job, timing and repair for local elections next year and we will not interfere in this matter or in the other, but we express our readiness to provide assistance and advice if called on the Iraqi side. ”

And acquitted the Iraqi judiciary to some officials and detainees of the charges of targeting U.S. troops who were in Iraq before the withdrawal end of last year 2011 confirmed that “the Iraqi judiciary independent body and respect its decisions will not interfere in his work as we affirm our support and our commitment to the independence of the device and the judicial process in the father country as in Iraq a technical support and technical advice in the formulation of laws and cooperation with civil society organizations concerned with that. ”

On the Iraqi antiquities and accused the United States to transfer part of the Jewish Archive Iraqi Israel denied Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones these accusations, saying “are untrue to the charges and that work is underway to repair Archive Iraqi and are conceptual Petknlogia Digital [Digital] has بددنا these concerns to the Iraqi side In our last meeting with Foreign Minister Zebari Huchar because of its importance this file. ”

She noted, “It has been re about [113] relics of the United States to Iraq and more than 114 other piece from various countries around the world.” Ended 2.
Source: alliraqnews