Sadoun: Adoption of the law of (HCL) oil and gas law alone will solve the crisis

A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Muhsin al-Sadoun, Sunday, that the crisis between the center and the region will not be solved unless the approval of the oil and gas law, which is still under consultation in the House of Representatives expected passing of the bill during the current year.

Sadoun said told / Baghdadiya News / “The settlement between the center and the region is out of the question in the case was approved oil and gas law, which now is a mass requirement is not to the Kurds alone, but for all the people of Iraq.

And between Sadoun he “no political movement on more Menen level to accelerate in finding a final version of the law that satisfies all parties,” probable “is the law was passed before the end of this year.”

He added that “political solutions proved its failure in resolving the crises being aimed at finding a compromise and only temporarily postpone the crises without being solved once and for all, but we are counting on the next stage of the legislative solutions to end crisis once and for all.”