Spokesman of the Ministry of planning: the Iraqi economy is solid and will not be affected by future global economic shocks

Baghdad (News) … Counting Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, planning the national economy “strong” compared with economies that have Arabic keep hard currency from cash and there is abundant oil reserves and other natural resources may lurk beneath the ground, noting that these ingredients will make the national economy away from the economic shocks that occur in the world.

He said Hindawi (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the national economy is strong evidence that the global economic crisis that swept across Europe and some u.s. States have affected all economies of countries of the world including the Gulf States except Iraq, was away with the economic fundamentals.

He noted: the State of the economy but U.A.E. Although stability was deeply moved by the global crisis and its economy suffered significant losses, while Iraq will not be affected because of its large cash reserves of hard currency and enjoys a wealth of natural may lurk under ground as well as the economic sectors which could invest as industrial, agricultural and tourism.

He continued: these ingredients give an indication that the national economy is solid and is not affected by global shocks affecting certain States.