Biden, US High Level Delegation due in Iraq tomorrow says member of Iraq Foreign Relations Committee

Revealed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary visit U.S. delegation high level delegation headed by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden will arrive on Sunday to Baghdad, explaining that axis the foundation of the visit is to coordinate the positions of Washington and the UN Security Council and Iraq direction Syrian crisis and search initiative Iraq to solve the Syrian issue.

The MP said the state law Sami al-Askari told all of Iraq [where] today, “said all indications point to the delegation’s visit to Baghdad tomorrow and will hold meetings with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and senior officials in the state, noting that “the important topics of the visit is to activate the strategic framework between Iraq and the United States of America and open the horizons of cooperation between Iraq and the United States and there is a joint committee met in US-Iraqi Baghdad and Washington earlier and there is a serious dialogue between the two sides on these issues. “

He explained that “Iraq hopes of contending parties on Syria to accept the initiative of Iraq, noting that” the success of the initiative depends on the willingness of others to deal with it in a positive and if it is not accepted will remain a dead letter. “

He noted that “there is a stand internationally began to understand risk division in Syria and the risk of civil war,” saying “there are signs stating that America started down position toward the Syrian crisis, but this is not enough unless convinced conflicting parties realize that military approach will not solve the crisis, but compounded and paid to risk to Atnhsr inside Syria, but pervades the countries of the region. “

He called Alliance MP USA national cream Silverline told [where] on August 30 last Iraqi government non-compliance to pressure America about Iraq’s position towards Syrian, describing “Vice President Alamarki Joseph Biden’s upcoming Iraq without welcome and objective pressure on Iraq to stand against the Syrian and Iranian governments. says.

The government spokesman, Federal Ali al-Dabbagh denied the news that talked about a planned visit by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to Baghdad, noting that “there are no any possible visit by U.S. Vice President to Iraq, pointing out that there is a visit to the political delegation from the U.S. State Department to Baghdad.

The semi-official Al-Iraqiya announced on Monday, August 27, the last political delegation and U.S. security a high-level delegation headed by Vice President Joseph Biden will visit Iraq on September 3.