The sagging economy of neighboring countries in the region provides a chance to rebuild the Iraqi economy

Baghdad (News) …Former Planning Minister Mehdi Al-Hafez, the economy of the States of the region and the events of two years ago to make its economy declined significantly, to exploit events to rebuild Iraqi economy collapsed 30 years ago.

Haafiz (News Agency news): Iraq and its wealth and big budgets and efficient minds will be able to rebuild their economy collapsed since the beginning of the 1980s, where I started the wrong policies of the former regime, the wars and the imposition of the embargo and US occupation.

He added: that the States of the region in a difficult economic and political crises, leading to decreased production and economic effectiveness and this in itself a real opportunity to redraw the economic policy over the short term and rehabilitation facilities and laboratories industrial and agricultural investment wetkail.

Al-haafiz said: that the goods that come through Syria near parked and Iranian products in retreat and Turkey and the Gulf wemsrwalardn suffer from recession as a result of aksadet and political reasons.

He stressed: the need to take urgent steps by the Iraqi Government encourage the return of capital and prevent corruption, walrsha and save energy which will contribute to the expansion of industry and run plants stalled Government and private investment projects, which will contribute significantly to revive the Iraqi economy and return to what it was in the 1970s llaksad golden period.