Commission: the last election was rigged with the knowledge of “Allawi and al-Maliki and the United Nations,”..

Commission: the last election was rigged with the knowledge of “Allawi and al-Maliki and the United Nations,” and almost canceled it not for political pressure

Published on Friday, August 31 / August 2012 10:08

BAGHDAD / With: A source familiar with the Electoral Commission for elections, about the size of fraud and manipulative authorities the results of the last legislative elections in “2010”, stressing that the elections “rigged largely considered devoid of legitimacy” by members of the Commission at the time.
The source said he is working position sensor in the election commission told the future that: “the Iraqi List and a coalition of state law and senior officials in the Office of the UN mission in Iraq responsible for the biggest fraud in the elections and the process of replacing the vote in the legislative elections held on 7 – March –2 010 “.
And compete with the recent elections nearly 6281 candidates, including 1813 women, were divided on the 12 coalitions, including five coalition described considerable ability and 167 political entities for 325 seats in parliament, the election of the heads of the three presidencies.
The results in the victory of a partial for the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, where I got 91 seats, making it the largest menus in the House and came in second place State of Law coalition, led by the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, dissolved in second place with 89 seats .
The source added that: “the last election was rigged with the knowledge of Allawi and al-Maliki and the United Nations that were canceled its results, but the political interference that forced some UNHCR officials in silence to this day.”
The source added that “the process of rigging took place by giving voters the lists small for the large blocs, has also been increasing the proportion of the number of citizens voting in elections and the distribution ratio between my destroy the rule of law and the Iraqi List,” explaining that: “A large part of the fraud was under pressure from the leaders political blocs Nuri al-Maliki and leaders of the coalition and the Iraqi List, and its leaders, other part Vtm by the Office of the UN mission in Iraq. ”
Has announced the Electoral Commission results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections on 26 March 2010. Where the results show the Iraqi List led by Allawi won 91 seats, and the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, who heads the current government on 89 seats, while the Iraqi National Coalition on 70 seats, and the Kurdistan Alliance 43 seats.
The source added that: “the Electoral Commission discovered huge numbers of fraud in favor of the Iraqi List, and after that I discovered was a delegation from the State of Law coalition and threatened to reveal it if not canceled fraud and after a long debate has been added to the equivalent of fraudulent votes in favor of a coalition of state law by raising the proportion of participate in the elections. ”
The source said: “The delegation of Maliki’s coalition, which came to the UNHCR offices were directly related to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and inform him of the outcome of the negotiations and how to change the proportions of the votes in favor of the coalition”.
Shows the source said: “Office of the United Nations mission responsible to a large degree in the manipulation of calculating votes and transferred to the other candidates and the addition rates of new voters,” adding that “the UN was working on events substantial convergence between my Iraqi rule of law and this is what I did.”
The source said: “major blocks lost as a result of fraud many of the seats in the last election, which was considered fair parties in Commission devoid of legitimacy, but political pressures and the UN mission insisted on imposing those election results were considered successful.”
The source said: “the current political dispute about increasing the number of commissioners because of the lack of confidence between the political parties of the integrity of the commission”, as well as the “desire of the coalition of state law to obtain more than the number of seats in the next Commission.”
The source warned that: “The Commission next will be more bias and favoritism to certain parties to the window, especially in favor of a coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.”
The growing political differences and approach of quotas in the IPO on the choice of a new Council of the Iraqi High Commission for Elections, also blocked agreement on a new law for local elections for provincial councils prevents conduct as scheduled by the end of next January.
The Council includes the current Electoral Commission of Iraq nine members but a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki calls for an increase the number to 15, but the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi refuses to do so.
The State of Law coalition won otherwise with Commission chief Faraj al-Haidari, where an Iraqi court on Tuesday sentenced to one year in prison suspended President of the Supreme Commission for Elections and two members of the Board of Commissioners, on the back of bribes they gave to staff.
The Commission chief Faraj al-Haidari in a press statement that “Rusafa criminal court sentenced Ali and members of the Board of Commissioners Karim al-Tamimi, Osama al-Ani year in prison suspended due to” reward “we give to staff in the Real Estate Department.
“I do not know the reason sentencing Although I am not my role and relationship of the subject and we’ve retrieved the money to the budget.”
The judicial authorities had halted Haidari and al-Tamimi on April 12 on the same issue, but released on bail after two days of detention.
The leadership of the coalition of state law Hanan al questioned Haidari in the House of Representatives and accused him of more than a dozen charges centered on mismanagement Commission and the exploitation of public money and collusion with other political entities, but they could not prove a lot on Haidari in parliament lifted a lawsuit against Haidari on paid bribes to junior staff in one of the offices of real estate registration. (finished)
Source: mustakbal