HCL: Member of the energy committee criticized Deputy Samurai for inviting the UN to intervene on oil and gas law

Baghdad (News) … Member of the Committee criticized oil and energy Deputy/Iraqi/coalition mutasher Samurai, invite the United Nations Commission on the Federal Government to intervene for the oil and gas law to resolve problems between Baghdad and Erbil.

He said Samurai (News Agency news): that the United Nations has a long history of international disputes, but its call to resolve internal disputes in Iraq is “flawed” Government and Iraqi officials.

He added: the draft law of oil and gas a year ago (2007) as a result of long political differences between the Centre and the territory had not been prescribed by law, prompting the Federal Government to invite mediators to act before the crisis.

Said: most European countries do not want reform in Iraq but want to see internal conflicts that are investment firms of investment with the Government of the territory without the approval of the Federal Government to increase the intensity of conflicts between the territory and the Centre.

He noted: the Iraq economy 95% dependent on oil, without a law regulating the extraction process and sale of oil and gas, what causes the increase of internal conflicts on this wealth that has become a curse to Iraq.