Warnings of risks facing the Iraqi economy because of money laundering

Warned the Iraqi List MP Jawad al-Bolani, Thursday, the risk of significant threats to the Iraqi economy because of money-laundering operations.

And Jawad al-Bolani said in a press statement that ‘the Iraqi economy is undergoing a serious and must be drawn to it because of its negative impact on the Iraqi people ‘, stressing’ the presence of money laundering crimes, and the lack of a clear vision for the state institutions’.

Bolani called in a statement to Alsumaria News Agency to ‘take fiscal policy based on clear scientific basis to prevent the disaster suffered by the Iraqi people ‘.

And touted recycling of funds resulting from illegal acts such as drug trafficking, slave, prostitution, weapons, robbery and theft in the fields and channels investment legitimacy to hide the true source of these funds and look as if they had been generated from a legitimate source b ‘money laundering’.

It is noteworthy that the CBI had revealed earlier in the year 2010, for the establishment of financial institutions has become one of the most common means in the area of money laundering and the financing of armed operations in Iraq, calling for expanding the powers of the Anti-Money Laundering and head with financial and human resources and technology.