Israel deprives Iraq of 40 aircraft, “F-16″

Israel deprives Iraq of 40 aircraft, “F-16″


Palm – decided the United States since 6 months sell Iraq 40 aircraft of the model (F-16) and these aircraft are present in Iraq, where left the U.S. Army in a rules but protest Israel on the subject canceled the deal and inserting planes of the model (F-15) Light and vulnerable.

This hand denied the United States of America, Wednesday, impose any conditions on Iraq’s use of the F16 aircraft, stressing that Iraq is decide how to use these aircraft and flight and maintenance periods.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said in a statement it issued today, and got “news agency palm”, a copy of The United States did not impose any conditions on Iraq’s use of aircraft F16, indicating that Iraq alone decides how to use these aircraft in addition to what the periods flight and maintenance .

The embassy considers that these aircraft will raise, and significantly, the vulnerability of the Iraqi air force to protect the country’s borders and sovereignty.

He was a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Abbas al-Bayati said, earlier on Wednesday (29 August 2012), that 80% of weapon Iraq would be a Western, pointing out that Iraq will receive F-16 aircraft as scheduled, while it was not considered the right of any State to place conditions on Iraq in his arms.

And announced, media advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister, (23 August 2012), that Iraq is expected from the United States that received the first batch of F-16 fighter jets, which includes 18 aircraft in March, under the agreement signed between the two countries.

Iraq has signed an agreement with Washington to buy 36 fighter jet F-16, the Iraqi government announced in September of last year, 2011, for payment of the first installment of the purchase price to buy 18 fighter of this kind.

But U.S. officials have questioned the possibility of complete receipt and delivery first meal of the aircraft in March 2013, and said during the visit of Prime Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey Baghdad, in (21 August 2012) that Iraq will receive in September of 2014, the first batch of fighters American F-16 .

According to these officials, who preferred anonymity, the United States has agreed so far to sell Iraq $ 12 billion in weapons and training contracts, including 36 fighter F-16.

And being trained Iraqi pilots already on that aircraft in the United States, but the commander of the U.S. Air Force Ross Handy said earlier that the pilots may have finished training prior to delivery of the first batch of those planes to Baghdad.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense confirmed on (July 3, 2012), the desire of the Iraqi government to increase the number F-16 aircraft in the “near future” to protect Iraqi airspace, while the delegation company producing this aircraft model the latter of which have been contracted within the second meal.

And raised transaction F-16 aircraft reactions to the Kurds after the student President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on April 23, 2012, the U.S. Congress abolished, while criticized the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary rejection Barzani arming Iraq to those aircraft, returned Barzani (4 May 2012) , to confirm that the MiGs and Mirages and f16 does not scare Kurds as much as intimidated by a culture that believes in the language of aircraft and artillery, tanks and accused parties Ptqsd attacking Kurds “to prove their Arab identity,” adding that “tragedy” experienced by the Kurds is still not understood by the Arab street.

And F-16 aircraft produced by the U.S. group General Dynamics, and exported to some 20 countries, is the most widely used fighter in the world.

The deal comes armament within the security agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington at the end of November 2008, which provides for the training and equipping of Iraqi forces.

It is expected to continue relationship with Iraq and the United States during the next phase in what is known (the Strategic Framework Agreement), which provides for the exchange and partnership between the two countries in the fields of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security.
Source: nakhelnews