Skinner denies reports about a visit by U.S. Vice President Biden to Baghdad

Spokesman denied the federal government Ali al-Dabbagh news that talked about a planned visit by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to Baghdad.

Ali al-Dabbagh said no any possible visit by U.S. Vice President to Iraq, noting that there is a visit to the foreign political delegation from the U.S. to Baghdad.

The spokesman of the Federal Government that “the delegation’s visit American political will discuss the work of the Coordinating Committees shared between Iraq and the United States within the framework of the strategic agreement between the two sides, noting that there are 9 committees in sectoral ministries, and all of the Commission shall determine the dates of its meetings, there are no meetings centralized.

Al-Dabbagh said that “committees met jointly once, during Biden’s visit to Iraq last year, stressing that each committee meets alone and sponsored the concerned minister, said: meetings of these committees periodically, and there are 9 joint committees in different cases, namely, (a political committee and diplomatic , the Commission services, the Commission on Security and Defence, Economic Committee, Cultural Committee, Education Committee), pointing out that these committees dates of meetings of the Organization and sometimes meet in Baghdad and sometimes in Washington.

The media sources have talked about a planned trip to a high-level U.S. delegation Iraq on the third of September next, to discuss the political situation and the developments in the region and regional variables, with Iraqi officials.

The Iraqi channel announced on Monday, that the political delegation and U.S. security a high-level delegation headed by Vice President Joseph Biden will visit Iraq on 3 September next.