Oil and Gas Law an important law for the Iraqi people; But difficult to understand and adopt

Baghdad (news) .. Exclude Rapporteur of the Commission on oil and energy MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Qassim Mohammed Qasim, approve oil and gas law in the coming period in the absence of a radical solutions to the political crisis in the country, pointing out that the repercussions of the political crisis weighed on the overall economic issues in the country, including oil .

Kassem said (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The oil and gas law is one of the important laws for the Iraqi people because it maintains its natural resources such as oil and achieve the principle of justice and equality in the distribution of this wealth to all the people.

confirmed: that the survival of the political crisis intact, the approval law is unlikely during the coming period.

added: that the political differences between the parliamentary blocs influenced greatly on the overall economic issues in the country and its repercussions negative, especially oil and how to invest and excavated, stressing the lack of real will to end the political differences to indicate a failure to approve oil and gas law soon because it is contingent on resolving the political crisis in the country.