The use ATM’s and credit cards will prevent fraud and reduce theft

Baghdad (News) … The Economist called Abdul Salem Al-igaily, nice to promote ATM in local markets and promote the use of credit cards by the citizens because it facilitates the circulation of money and reduce theft.

He said Al-igaily (the news agency news) Monday: ‘ n the subject of widening phenomenon in the ATM market, whether in stores or restaurants and cafes as well as promoting how to use credit cards by citizens (MasterCard and visa.) is something culturally by all developed countries of the world because it prevents fraud and reduce theft.

He continued that would facilitate exchange and deal with large cash blocks credit card, noting that a new topic needs awareness programmes for citizens adopted by the Central Bank to educate them about how to use these techniques, because it is an important topic that should be applied.

He added: that awareness begin with steps, including through educational programmes at the level of the staff departments and ministries and gullible citizens awareness through media or otherwise for the widening use of the phenomenon of modern