Biden will visit Baghdad next week to discuss the Syrian crisis and military cooperation

In a visit next week BAGHDAD – morning flag “Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network” and a political and security delegation headed by Vice President Joseph Biden will visit Iraq in the U.S. third of next September.

Sources close to the government: “There is a U.S. move to discuss the political situation and the developments in the region and regional variables and their impact on Iraq. “Biden’s visit to Iraq, his first after the U.S. withdrawal from the country. , the sources said a telephone conversation took place between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Biden were thorough discussion of the Iraqi position towards what is happening in Syria of events, where the latter expressed his satisfaction with the position of Iraq and promise.

Observers believe that this visit will be charged many insights about the developments and the situation in the region. observers predicted that permeate joint visit dialogues related to Iran’s nuclear program, particularly with the United States as a feeling they have to be there understandings on the Iranian nuclear program, is also expected to deal with the talks confirmed the joint cooperation and in accordance with the Convention strategy and comprehensive cooperation between Iraq and the United States.

Iraq also announced recently that he is on the verge of signing contracts to arm and Trchinh army to protect its land, sky, according to the variables in the Arab world and regional levels. sources indicated that Iraq’s readiness to sign contracts to arm the army in the amount of $ 12 billion to meet any threats or regional events in the region with hot expanding its capabilities in protecting its borders and skies over what result in changes that occur in the Arab world requires Iraqi army ترصين.

as Sources close to the coalition of state law and the existence of reservations on Biden’s visit to Iraq being an entrepreneur first division in Iraq, but Iraq is now headed by an Arab action in the past to express positions that are consistent with its role in the dealing with the issues of the region and the world so the reception political figures and look at her opinions is longer necessary at the moment.