OS: Washington is using paper arms deal for Iraq’s political blackmail

OS: Washington is using paper arms deal for Iraq’s political blackmail

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – considered Iraqi politician said the U.S. administration is trying to evade the arms deal signed with Iraq as part of the strategic framework agreement between the two countries, and use paper to political blackmail, stressing that Iraq will not be subject to blackmail and سينزع sources armament, and will not change its position of Syria and Iran .
A member of a coalition of state law Adnan OS in a press statement: that the deal made between the United States and Iraq, to arm the Iraqi army is fully was under agreement of strategic cooperation, which was signed after the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, noting that the United States had all the guarantees necessary .

Sarraj added: Saudi Arabia and brought pressure on the United States to limit the arming of Iraq and denial of access to other regional parties, adding that it was also the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi List.

He said that all that make the United States is trying to evade this deal and obstruction, noting that Washington began to abandon this deal lately, especially in light of Iraq’s position calling for a solution to the Syrian crisis in a peaceful manner.

Sarraj confirmed that Iraq seriously thinking today in diversifying sources of arms, accusing the United States of trying to Alaijae impotence of the Iraqi forces and the lack of confidence in their abilities in the use of advanced American weapons.

He stressed member of a coalition of state law Adnan OS that the Iraqi army is a force defensive rather than offensive, and will be in the next phase exclusively for the defense, considering he can not any country in the world to impose conditions with weapons on under different headings, considering that Iraq is committed to all agreements weapons.

Sarraj considered that Iraq will not accept to change his position from Syria and Iran, will not allow that its territory is used for aggression against any country, accusing the White House to take military arms deal means for Iraq’s political blackmail. Q, Q
Source: alrayy