85 Farm and dozens of oil wells lost as a result of Iraq demarcation of the border with Kuwait

Reuters reported that farmers in the Iraqi town of Safwan border with Kuwait demanded the Iraqi government compensation for crops that could have been a result of the loss of land through Security Council resolution regarding the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait in May of 1993.

The United States has led in 1991 war against Iraq ended under occupation of Kuwait, which lasted for seven months in 1994 before the Iraq border demarcation new by the United Nations between Iraq and Kuwait, which had been raised since 1993, but the Iraqi farmers who lost their farms and land as a result of This demarcation still consider that those lands to them even though it is now located inside Kuwaiti territory or within the no man’s land buffer between Iraq and Kuwait and that a width of 500 meters and agreed upon by the two sides in 2010.

Rabah Al-Salhi, a farmer has land within Kuwaiti territory and the buffer zone pointed out that many farmers have lost their crops and lost control of the agricultural water wells because of the demarcation of the border of the United Nations, they are demanding the Iraqi government compensate for these losses.

He Salhi said: “I have had three farms lost two of them inside Kuwaiti territory and the third is what you’re seeing here as a result of the demarcation of the border by the United Nations in 1993 so we call on the government to indemnify us for the value of each crop, which lost for 19 years through the demarcation of the border with Kuwait In addition to indemnify us for wells and homes that have lost before and after the demarcation of the boundary. “

He Salhi said, “that people say that there are approximately 85 farms were in Iraq and are now inside Kuwaiti territory have been instructed to dozens of Iraqi families living near the border with Kuwait to leave the area and move to new homes after the appointment of the buffer zone between the two sides.”

The head of the provincial council in Basra morning Hassan Albzona “The Iraqi government has formed committees to compensate those affected by the UN resolution and to compensate farmers of border demarcation decision of the United Nations No. 833 in March of 1993,” he said, adding, “It was through this decision taking 206 homes and dozens of oil wells in Iraqi territory and annex it to Kuwait. “

He Albzona also “that we have properties have become inside Kuwaiti territory has on the basis of the government to form committees for compensation for those affected by the demarcation of the border as a result of an agreement tent” Safwan “and signed by the previous regime with the Kuwaiti side,” as he said some farmers, we do not accept compensation from the United Nations and Kuwait and said frankly that the Iraqi government must compensate its citizens at the same time reject the taking of such land by force from Iraq at a time when Iraq was in a weak position.