Blocs will agree to hold national meeting immediately following the return of President Talabani

Iskandar and berries: blocs will agree to hold national meeting immediately following the return of President Talabani

Date: 20/08/2012 08:50:58 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Predicted independent MP Iskandar and berries, to agree the political blocs on the date of the national meeting sponsored by President Jalal Talabani, upon his return from a trip therapy.
said Tut in a statement (of the Agency news): there are efforts to make great efforts to resolve differences of political blocs by political parties , indicating: that the blocs will agree to hold the conference after the return of President of the Republic immediately, and that the possibility of a node requires a concession blocks for ceilings demands. added Tut: We hope that the conference and Reform Commission to resolve differences and get out of the political crisis. This was stressed by President Jalal Talabani on the need to be the Constitution and the Convention of Arbil, and the eight points that came out of the meeting of Irbil – Najaf, the foundation resolving the political crisis, calling for political blocs to stop media campaigns and stay away from the speech convulsive. between: the Erbil Convention that was on that basis the formation of the government, and the eight points that came out the Arbil meeting – Najaf, and a paper reform proposed by the Alliance for national and other securities must rely on national meeting and be based in solving problems. and President Talabani on: the need to be so they can be a comprehensive agreement, and that prevail meetings and dialogues openness and friendliness, and said: It is not the goal Nominal reach compromises “fragile”, Ba agreement on the terms of a final and implementation, and go to state building on the foundation and pillars of PSN, cooperation and non-dissipation on the powers and partnership and work organizational. / end / 7. n. p /
Source: ikhnews