Iraq seeks to win the new Secretary-General of OPEC

Baghdad / follow JD / .. delegates said the OPEC said the organization has delayed a meeting of officials to contribute to the selection of a new Secretary General has Off talks sensitive threatens to ignite competition for influence with quest Arabia, Iran and Iraq to win the job high.

Officials said a committee comprising officials were scheduled in initially to meet at FAO headquarters in Vienna during the month of August but has become more likely now that the meeting be held in October.

facing OPEC often difficulties to agree on a secretary general and comes important appoint a successor Abdullah al-Badri Secretary-General outgoing with Western sanctions on Iran, which raised political tensions between the countries twelve members of the organization.

If no decision in this regard before December, OPEC will start 2013 without a president permanently. nominated four Member States candidates to succeed Badri, a Libyan mandate expires at the end of 2012.