Financial Times: U.S. military train the Jordanian forces to interfere in Syria

Financial Times: U.S. military train the Jordanian forces to interfere in Syria

Friday, 17 August 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – newspaper “Financial Times” that the Jordanian special forces received training and tips from the U.S. Army to improve its capabilities in the event of intervention against Syria.
The newspaper said that Jordan is still opposed to direct military intervention in Syria, at the time considered Western diplomats and analysts that the Jordanian Armed Forces are preparing to play a specific role would involve entry into Syria at some point in the future, under the pretext of securing its stockpile of chemical weapons if What entered the country in a state of chaos.

The newspaper quoted an analyst as saying that Jordan “There is a road map with the Americans, could push the Jordanians to intervene in order to secure some of the sites of chemical weapons at the time of danger.”

The newspaper added that Jordan has started to take a stand Ascending against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the newspaper quoted a Western diplomat in Amman and described Balbarz as saying that “the concern at the moment is not associated with extensions of political events from Syria to Jordan, but the exit of border skirmishes of control.”

She added that the two countries retain Bsafartehma in each capital, while Syria continues to work as a way business is vital for companies of Jordan and Jordan is strictly opposed to arming the Syrians and the insurgents trying to crack down on militants who move across borders, the smugglers of guns
Source: alrayy