World Bank Representative: “billion dollars the size of the Bank’s program in Iraq

Mary Helen said the World Bank representative in Iraq, said the size of the Bank’s program in Iraq has reached one billion dollars.

She said in a press statement today: “The size of the support provided by the World Bank for its program in Iraq, one billion dollars to cover a number of important sectors and infrastructure, namely, (water \ energy \ roads \ education \ health \ private \ social protection). “

She said: “I was up to the end of last July, 55% of the exchange funds for World Bank projects in Chit, plus another percentage of the money will be disbursed at the end of 2012. “

She said: “Half of World Bank projects in Chit almost be funded from the Trust Fund for Chit, which will close On 12/31/2013, and that most of the projects in the portfolio of World Bank projects in Chit has achieved its objectives of development. “

Helen indicated that “These projects cover a wide range of challenges related to development and reconstruction, especially in the areas of education, health, transport, water and electricity as well as other areas.