Corruption and the laws has impeded economic development processes & quo

The absence of deterrent government “experts”: Corruption and the laws has impeded economic development processes & quo

A number of experts and a group of investors need to change all the laws and economic legislation that hinder the work of investors inside and outside the country, stressing the need to continue to remove all obstacles that hinder economic development, and in the meantime, the investor Aqeel Hassan, “stressed the need to change all economic legislation and laws which has exacerbated many of the economic crisis, which left a marked contrast in living standards for all members of the community, as well as the differences that have led to an increase of slums and unemployment rates among the citizens.

He said good-by “(Al Citizen)”: that the laws of the current economic is one of the most prominent obstacles that stand impediment to the development of economic sectors, particularly industrial, agricultural and trade in the country, adding to that there must be private organizations working to facilitate the tasks of investors through the enactment of laws New aimed at private sector participation in all investment operations within and outside the country for the advancement of the sectors that were destroyed during the war, and all subjected to vandalism and looting of laboratories and factories of Iraq, then we must be the investor of Iraq a major role in the advancement of local industries and work to remove all the problems that stand in front of handicap citizens.

“The laws of economic development is capable of in the country.”

On the other hand noted financial expert Haider Faraji “: that the work the laws of economic currently causing great damage especially on the local economy and to investors in general, will not allow the laws applied by the government, but the economic laws failed (as he put it) the occurrence of any change in the economic development .

He called Faraji in his speech (Al-citizen) “: to facilitate all the procedures of investment in the country, especially with the investment environment need to enter a lot of investors in order to achieve the development of economic sectors, and this requires facilitate all transactions Iraqi investors and foreign and shorten the time required to complete the transaction, stressing the need to focus on the human factor because it is one of the most important factors that work to achieve success investment in the country.

He recommended Faraji “: the need to use all Almaiaralamtaddh to measure the efficiency of the economy, including the transparency of government procedures both in building and establishing companies. (Red tape and bureaucracy), the most prominent barriers to investment “:

In a related development according to one of the investors in the Iraqi market for securities architect Arslan jeweler “: the need to achieve social justice among the people of the community in order to reduce the numbers of unemployed, through their active participation in building the national economy and work on the development and rehabilitation of small and medium industries.

He said the goldsmith’s “(Al Citizen)”: that the main obstacles that stand impediment to investors at the moment, but the red tape and bureaucracy hunters who are among the main reasons to delay a lot of investment projects in the country, calling on “the need to take over the government more attention to laws economic working to attract investors and facilitate the tasks of their work in Iraq.

Stressing “that the non-application of laws and measures to fight corruption in the transaction will generate investment environment Garmoabed by investors.

“Application of the principle of transparency”

In the same context showed expert financial Hana Samurai “: that the provision of facilities to investors is one of the most important factors that lead to attract investments of economic benefit to the country, which lead to the upgrading of the national economy by following the latest methods and modern electronic equipment that come through the participation of investment foreign or domestic, whether an end.

She’s Samurai (Citizen newspaper) “: that the facilities that are supposed to provide to investors will work to increase the national income, plus it will reduce the rates of the unemployed.

And financial expert stressed Hana samurai “: the necessity to control the operations of financial and administrative corruption was rampant in all institutions and all state ministries and work methods to activate the monitor and control activities and those responsible for corruption and punished.