Member of the economy: the continuation of Iraq under Chapter VII the advent of a slower global investments of the country

Baghdad (news) .. Attributed Member of the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Ibrahim Rikabi, the reasons for the reluctance of international investment companies sober from entering the Iraqi environment to invest in them to keep Iraq under Chapter VII imposed on it by the United Nations.

Rikabi, (of the Agency news) on Wednesday : The item VII imposes on countries that threaten world peace and as a result of the policy of the former regime hostile swept through Kuwait in the nineties of the last century prompted the United Nations to impose international sanctions Iraq by putting it under Chapter VII.

He added that the UN resolution imposed under Iraq to deal with All countries in the world of advanced technology in all areas of economic cooperation and exchange of experiences, which led to the reluctance of international investment companies large to come to Iraq for the purpose of investment despite the availability of fertile environment and the basic components of the investment. He pointed out: that the Kuwaiti reparations is the reason for the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII being high amounts of up to (35) billion dollars, saying, that the lifting of Iraq for the UN resolution is subject turns off the debt Iraqi-Kuwaiti through the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The previous system was invaded Kuwait in 1990, the impact imposed on Iraq sanctions from the international community and the development of under Chapter VII, which makes him the country threatens international peace and security, and included international sanctions prevented the import of chemicals and nuclear technology that could be used in the programs of secret nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, has allowed the United Nations in 1995 for Iraq to sell oil in return for food, called the program “Oil for Food” No. (986).