United Nations, Iraq is demanding the law to explore for oil and gas

Baghdad / follow-up JD / .. announced the Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler that the endorsement of the Iraqi parliament for the Law on the exploration for oil and gas is one of the priorities of the international organization that formed a team to follow up this file.

won Petrofac oil services contract for the operations of offshore oil in Iraq worth $ 100 million.

while carried the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and Oil Ministry responsible for production fell about a thousand megawatts of its failure to provide fuel for the generating units of electricity, especially during the past two days.

and the law that calls for the adoption of the United Nations aimed at regulating the oil sector in Iraq and to establish rules for revenue sharing between the central government and the provinces is still in the inclusion of Parliament for years.

He said the Special Representative Martin Kobler “The team internally of the United Nations mission to help Iraq working on this file.”

“We want to start a discussion about revenue sharing and then move to the oil and gas law, this law is an important starting point to address major problems such as the relationship between Arabs and Kurds and the issue of federalism, I can say that the key, this will allow the availability of base “to address these problems.

He Kubler “In addition, this country needs to be security for the investments, that the solution to the issue of disputed internal boundaries where the some of the largest oil fields unused, it will be easier if he knows everyone how to share the revenue. “

on the other hand said Petrofac oil services company listed in London yesterday that it won a contract for the operations of offshore oil in Iraq worth $ 100 million.

explained that the contract extension with the draft Iraqi crude oil production.