The GOI has not taken any action to address the problem of the economy in the country’s unilateral

Member of the Committee criticized the Economy and Investment Abdul-Hussein al-Husseini Resan government not to take any actions to address the problem of unilateral economy in the country, which depends entirely on oil imports.

Husseini said in a press statement received (justice) a copy of it on Tuesday that “low oil prices in global markets may impact negatively on Iraq and was one of the effects is a supplementary budget of the country after we expected it would be times the amount which was announced in early July, which was more than {10} trillions of Iraqi dinars.

“and added that” the size of the deficit in the budget of 2012 was not affected by this decline as the price which was adopted in the budget is $ 85 per barrel.

“He explained that” the Iraqi economy, including that one-sided, the fluctuation oil prices is to be expected “, criticizing the” lack of government measures to address this problem, but they neglected the full sources of other funding is expected that it will contribute to Brphi the country’s economy such as tourism and taxes.

The Cabinet has announced the beginning of last July, the adoption of the supplementary budget for the current year 2012 more than ten trillion dinars and that the budget has allocated 40 000 degrees and careers.