UAE newspaper: the interests of America, Israel, and one important change presidents

UAE newspaper: the interests of America, Israel, and one important change presidents

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – under the title “Romney message of reassurance to Tel Aviv” newspaper wrote, “the statement,” the UAE says that the interests of Israel and the United States and one important change American presidents and whatever the intellectual and political affiliations or their assets.
The newspaper added that no U.S. President Barack Obama’s peace-making and other former presidents, but all of them standing bulwark against every attempt to continue Israel’s policy prevents the repressive and settlement in Palestine.

The newspaper said in an editorial, Tuesday, August 14, remarks to the Republican candidate for the U.S. presidential election, Mitt Romney, considering recent evidence to undermine the prospects for peace after he described Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ignored Palestinian and Arab right in the city.

And went on to say that Romney did not stop at this point, but translated his allegiance extreme of the Jewish state when they chose a member of Congress from Wisconsin Paul Ryan as a candidate for vice president, who is known as one of the most supporters and supporters of Israel, and this message of reassurance as a blank check Tahedah Washington to Tel Aviv to write it as you like.

She stressed, “the statement that” there is no hope never to be the United States a party to the peace in the light of its ongoing pursuit to protect the interests of Israel in the region, which is an integral part of its interests, she said, at the conclusion of an editorial, said that an end to the orgy of Israel in Palestine is only possible through unity and pan-Arab solidarity, the unity of Palestinian ranks, and everyone must stand as one man to say no to the policy of divide and rule and work together to thwart all the schemes prepared by Israel with its ally, America.
Source: alrayy