Washington is moving to freeze the sale of fighter jets, “F-16″ for Iraq

Newspaper: Washington is moving to freeze the sale of fighter jets, “F-16″ for Iraq

15/08/2012 08:36

Erbil, 15 August / August (Rn) – A newspaper (politics) Kuwait on Wednesday, said military sources familiar in Baghdad revealed that the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) brought four Iraqi pilots out of ten pilots left for the United States for training to lead the fighter aircraft ” F-16 “that Iraq intended to purchase under a contract signed with the U.S. government. The leader and deputy in the “Kurdish Alliance” Hamid Buffy’s “politics” that “the pilots of the four who were returned” Alaptagon “did not pass the test dedicated to admission to the training course on the aircraft,” F-16 “American combat, and that these pilots returning are probably of the component Shiite.” and ruled that thinks Americans are way sectarian, noting that “the subject the information to U.S. intelligence on how to manage the Iraqi state.” and attributed the MP Buffy, who belongs to the “Democratic Party of Kurdistan” headed by Massoud Barzani, the reservation the U.S. to train pilots to Iraqi Shiites to two main reasons: the first is the existence of information to the U.S. administration that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki went to build the Iraqi army along sectarian lines, to ensure loyalty to him and this is contrary to the Constitution of Iraq, especially as the army barracks began to suspend Photos Maliki in place in a scene similar to what he was doing Saddam Hussein. He pointed out that “The second reason includes some observations reported by the United Nations Mission in Baghdad to the circles American and European that Maliki does not refrain from the use of combat aircraft,” F-16 “in the suppression of his opponents and this is what considered Washington sophisticated too dangerous. ” He pointed MP who is close to Barzani that “the information that went into the Kurdish leadership stating that al-Maliki, speaking in private meetings with his associates that as soon as the arrival of aircraft,” F-16 “U.S., dealing with the Kurdistan region will be different, in reference to deep political disagreements between the federal and provincial government on files, the oil and the border and disputed areas. ” For his part, said the deputy in the Shiite alliance Qasim al-Araji, said that “Washington told Maliki that they can not train Iraqi pilots of the component Shiite fears that they were militants loyal to Iran, What shows the aircraft, “F-16″ U.S. to the possibility of smuggled into the air bases Iranian. ” and added that “the Maliki government rejects the U.S. position will not bow to him because it is contrary to the constitution,” revealing that “al-Maliki is thinking seriously to abandon the deal if it remained Washington’s position” He pointed to “a serious approach to the option of buying fighter jets from Russia.” Open: Wafa Zangana

Source: aknews