The decision of the Commission on energy: the United Nations initiative to follow the law of oil and gas will help accelerate adoption

Baghdad (News) … Commended the decision of the Committee on oil and energy Deputy from coalition of Kurdish blocs–Qasim Mohammad Qasim, the United Nations initiative to set up a Committee to follow the law of oil and gas it would press to parliamentary blocs to agree on a draft law to be submitted to the Presidency of the House of representatives to vote on it.

Said Kassem (News Agency news) on Tuesday: there are different opinions and different visions for parliamentary blocs to agree on a draft hydrocarbon law to the Chamber of Deputies for a vote because of political differences and the problems in Iraq.

He added: an extended meeting was held between the commissions energy and oil and the representative of the Presidency of Parliament to agree on oil and gas law to vote, but the meeting without the approval of the committees to provide one of the drafts, and the Joint Subcommittee was formed from two committees function study drafts and political blocs other than paragraphs.

He noted that the United Nations has decided to form a Committee to follow up the law of oil and gas and find solutions to the differences in order to expedite approval, saying it’s a good initiative will help put pressure on parliamentary blocs to agree to submit a draft law to accelerate the adoption of important laws is that which determines the fate of the people from natural resources (oil and gas).

He was the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, will be a team from the United Nations to follow up the adoption of the law of oil and gas.

Koppel said: it will after Eid directly to form a team to follow up on the adoption of the law of oil and gas to what this law of importance to the Iraqi economy and overall life in Iraq, because the bulk of the budget Iraq depends on oil sector. Kobler stressed the need for consensus between the political blocs in the sharing of oil wealth, in order to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Iraqi economy