Gulf states may be impeding Iraq from Chapter VII release….

 Gulf states may be impeding Iraq from Chapter VII release; Blames they fear Iraq may become economic power

Foreign Relations: The Gulf States behind the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII

On: Tuesday 14/8/2012 9:10

has accused the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, the Gulf states not to cause the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII so far, citing the apprehension of these countries, “the exploitation of Iranian influence in Iraq as well as too sectarian conflicts and alignments in the region

08/13/2012 Add to that there is concern that Iraq may become an economic power and a large strike in the region and controls the global markets. “

said Nassif’s (range) that “the Kuwaiti side is trying to keep Iraq in the seventh item to pressure the Iraqi government and get the gains of our land borders, sea and annexed to Kuwait. “

and followed that “there is a committee formed to discuss matters relating to the subject of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, which includes both Iraq and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, under the control of Britain and America,” pointing out that information of this committee blocked all Iraqi politicians, as well as the Iraqi parliament. “

she said, “that Iraq has completed all preparations implications of compensation and the demarcation of borders in order to exit from Chapter VII,” she wondered, “What you want Kuwait this delay the whole?”. to that attributed Relations Committee, the parliamentary why he did not exit Iraq from Chapter VII to fear the Gulf states from Iranian influence in Iraq and fears that Iraq may become the State of strong economic control of the global market.

In an interview with “long,” explained a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary mainstay John “that the reasons that stand in the non-exit Iraq from Chapter VII is foreign interference and regional, “noting that the Gulf states do not want Iraq to be a strong state economically by what they owned natural resources substantial.”

and consists of Chapter VII of the 13 articles, is the resolution 678 of 1990 and the proposal to remove Iraq from Kuwait by force of this Chapter, Iraq is still under Tailth because of the survival of the issue remains of Kuwaiti citizens prisoners and missing persons in Iraq, and Kuwaiti property, including the archives of the Amiri Diwan and the Diwan of the Crown Prince and the issue of compensation of environmental and oil and which do not relate only to the State of Kuwait and other Arab countries and some companies.

and increased John “that of other obstacles that impede the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII is the sectarian conflict in the region and the alignments and change Arab regimes as well as fears some countries of Iran and its interference in Iraqi affairs, pointing out that Iraq pay reparations to the Kuwaiti side of 2003 and to date (30 billion) dollars. “

and formed the Committee of Ministers the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint in the 12 of January 2011, to resolve the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, according to international resolutions, having held its first meeting on the 27 of March 2011, her talks in Kuwait to resolve outstanding issues between the parties.

As a result of improved ties agreed Kuwait with Iraq, to lay down allowances for Kuwait Airways that is created Khtok joint air worth the amount of compensation which amounted to about $ 300 million, as re-Kuwait flights to Iraq, as it landed at the airport in Najaf (April 17, 2012), First Kuwaiti plane after 22 years on the last trip to Iraq, as confirmed company (airline) it will be two trips a week to the airport can be increased, as well as trips to the rest of the airports in the country.

He continued John, “that Iraq has completed the collection procedures of compensation, as well as the settlement file The airline, which we paid them the amount of (500) million dollars in order to enable Iraq to buy aircraft, air transport of passengers and needs in other things, explaining that there are files not yet been resolved is the border and prisoners, citing a lack of confidence between the parties in resolving these matters and that you need to be reviewed.

and in turn was MP for the Iraqi List, Hassan Chuird expressed optimism for resolving all outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq in order to get out of Iraq from Chapter VII.

said Chuird for “term” that Iraq is looking forward to establish the best fraternal relations with the Kuwaiti side in order to settle all files outstanding and old, pointing out that it requires our going together to the Security Council to develop a mechanism framed a legal framework to facilitate accelerated the exit of Iraq from this punishment is fair.

He added that “it is not only understanding between Kuwait and Iraq, but beyond that through the work of dialogues with the countries of the Standing Security Council as well as the European Union to win the votes of these states.