Al-Maliki: Iraq possessed great wealth and needs to experience Bank

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a meeting the delegation of World Bank and IMF

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Monday, that Iraq is rich and has great wealth and needs to experience Bank for the development of financial and economic institutions, as the representative of the World Bank is prepared to continue to work for the implementation of projects financed by the Bank in the areas of energy.

Nouri al-Maliki said in a statement released today, on the sidelines of the meeting the delegation of World Bank and International Monetary Fund headed by Mary Helen brikenl representative of the World Bank, that “Iraq appreciates the cooperation of the World Bank with Iraq and seeking to implement the understandings between the two sides.”

Al-Maliki said that “Iraq is a rich country possesses great wealth and efforts focused on investing these riches to bring him the best returns and higher levels of performance and economic prosperity,” he said, adding that “Iraq stresses the need for the World Bank experience and possible support for Iraq to develop financial and economic institutions”.

For its part the representative Bank Helen brikenl that “the World Bank and IMF are determined to continue to work for the implementation of projects financed by the World Bank in the areas of energy and other” sign “the advisory role of the Bank will work to support Iraq.

Brikenl added that “our presence for seven years in Iraq have uncommon good experience we want to benefit from the next stage through our support for various projects in Iraq”.

Iraq adopts a basis on oil exports which have stockpiles of oil and gas is about 11% of the total global stockpile, with the country’s infrastructure needs for rehabilitation after decades of war and economic sanctions and investments are necessary in all sectors.

The World Bank is one of the United Nations specialized agencies dealing with development and based in Washington, and focuses its efforts on achieving development goals aimed at achieving a sustainable reduction of the severity of poverty, the Bank has five organizations are the International Bank for reconstruction and development and the Foundation for international development and the International Finance Corporation and the multilateral investment guarantee agency and the International Centre for the settlement of disputes.