Kuwait News: Iraqi group seeks Russian help to end sanctions

KUWAIT: An Iraqi political group urged its government to seek diplomatic intervention from Russia to help Iraq exit the UN Chapter VII sanctions, instead of relying on Kuwait’s position.

“Russia is currently supervising the work of the committee that evaluates Iraq’s situation to stay subjected to the Chapter VII sanctions,” said Aliya Nusayef, spokesperson of the Free Iraqiya Bloc.

“Since it is a permanent member in the Security Council, Russia can play a significant role in ending the UN authorization on Iraq.”

The Iraqi lawmaker believes that leaving the subject for Kuwait’s evaluation became unreasonable “since all persisting issues between the two countries have been resolved, saved for a number of issues that do not call for retaining sanctions.”

“It is important that Russia is convinced to reconsider this issue rationally, especially since Iraq no longer pose a threat to international peace and security,”

she added. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki is expected to visit Russia soon after receiving an official invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The Iraqi government is required to take diplomatic efforts in order to end the present situation that has been ongoing for over twenty years,” Nusayef said.