Committee to unify three oil and gas bills

ERBIL, Aug.12 (AKnews)- A ten-member committee of Iraqi MPs will work on the three proposed oil and gas bills sent to the Council of Representatives to work out one unified bill out of the three, coordinator for oil and gas committee said.

The first oil and gas bill introduced in 2007 was suspended due to lack of political consensus. A second one has been proposed by the oil and gas committee and the third one by deputy prime minister for energy affairs, Hussein Shahrestani in 2011.

The committee tasked with unifying the three bills comprises five MPs from the legal committee and five more from the oil and gas committee, said Qasem Mohammed.

Mohammed added all the parties have agreed to the new committee, which is chaired by Adnan Janabi. Only one member of the new committee is Kurd, according to Mohammed.

The MP continued the new committee will launch its mission immediately after Eid al-Firt, through there is no official date set for this purpose.