Economist: the formation of regulatory agencies to halt the rise in prices will prevent the occurrence of monetary inflation in the country

Stressed the economic expert as beautiful on the need to form a supervisory agencies in collaboration with civil society organizations and professional organizations to reduce the phenomenon of rising prices, noting that “not be formed will lead to monetary inflation in Iraq.”

He said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] the day that “Iraq is mapped to the same walk in the market economy and that this type of economy where prices vary in terms of quality merchandise.”

He added beautiful that “it is possible to have a monitoring body has initiated a bill in the House of Representatives but regrettably did not take the law run its course in the application and leave the cord at liberty without censorship.”

He continued that “regulatory agencies in the Ministry of Commerce that were not powerless are not in control prices.”

He’s nice to be “the process became includes the exploitation of some categories of events and festivals to raise prices, in addition to the instability of the dollar due to the pressure from neighboring countries which imposed economic sanctions such as Syria and Iran, and increase the demand for it, which led to rising prices and become Iraqi citizens pay the price.”

He stressed that “the citizen pay the price of idleness and lawlessness in prices, which appeared on clothing, especially in the holiday season.”

Ruled out the beautiful “The lead price rise to a serious impact on the country because the Iraqi market open and close to regional markets, including the easy transfer of goods from neighboring countries and the smooth provision of the dollar in Iraq by selling through banks, so would not be a rise in prices of any danger.”