Maliki: perhaps the region will witness the birth of a Kurdish state

Maliki: perhaps the region will witness the birth of a Kurdish state

on 8/13/2012  10:28

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Welcomed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the establishment of good relations with Turkey in its case between the government and said, “If you want the Turkish government to be its relationship with the Iraqi government and not with a part of Iraq or a component of its components are welcome to develop.”

He dealt with al-Maliki told a news briefing to the existing relations between Turkey and Iraq and the tension experienced by these relations, and said that “Turkish relations – Iraq witnessed a year-and positive developments at all levels of political and trade relations, economic and exchange of visits, and the Turkish companies active in Iraq, all of which were positive relationships But I got the setbacks came against the backdrop of some situations in which the Turkish government has dealt with a part of the Iraqi people. ”

Maliki said: “We find that this is detrimental to the structure of the state and the unity of the Iraqi state, today we reaffirm our respect for the Iraqi state and that the relationships are based on international and not on the basis of the components.”

In response to a question on developments in the region and its implications, Maliki said that the region is “pregnant”, adding: “But why give birth? I do not know may give birth to a Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey or northern Iraq, northern Syria, perhaps Syria into two states. These are all expectations of can be achieved. ”

Abizaid and al-Maliki said: “we allow for exceptional circumstances and for these policies that interfere with the affairs of nations by some Arab and non-Arab We have to expect everything. But the thing is expected more level perspective is that if continued interventionist policies, there will be proxy wars in each of the these countries and not only Syria and Iraq, and this will eliminate all opportunities for growth, development and stability in the region. ”

As for the tension between the Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces on the border with Syria, has ruled out al-Maliki that there is any tension between the two sides and said: “There is understanding when the Peshmerga that the border can be their responsibility. Against the backdrop of developments in Syria, we were content with the presence of Peshmerga in the border areas with Syria, but many reasons to be called on the Iraqi border with Syria on the range of 600 km under the supervision of the Iraqi army because the situation in Syria flamed do not know its implications. So when the army moved Kurds understand that this is beyond the region. ”

At the end of the modern face of Maliki’s message to the Turkish people, which he said: “I say to the Turkish people that the people of a friend and brother and a neighbor we wish him every success and we wish him also to emphasize his part, the importance of positive relations between the two countries. As the parliamentarians also representing the Turkish people hope to parliamentarians that take things as we take them seriously. and also say to the Iraqi parliament and the Iraqi people to be a partner to push for good relations between the two countries. ”
Source: alestiqama