Spy program monitors the Middle East banks!!!

Spy program monitors the Middle East banks

on 13/8/2012

Integrity electronic / technical world

Said researchers in the field of Internet security and anti-virus monitoring program has been developed to spy is following financial transactions in banks in the Middle East .

The Foundation “Kaspersky Lab” which is engaged in anti-virus software and secure networking and the Moscow-based that the spying program, which it called “Gauss” was discovered last month, but moved to the stage of latency after switching off the servers “command and control” that works through .

The news magazine “Computer World,” the U.S. for roll Hovanberg is a senior researcher at the Foundation Kaspersky saying that the “Gaussian” share the same qualities of spy program last advanced is known as “Flaam,” a spy program digital targeting Iran and scans data systems to steal information .

The “Computer World,” the similarities between the two programs that prompted institution Kaspersky conclude that the program Gauss, like spyware such as Flaam and Stocksnet and Dokka, devised by states or governments, and that the Government and one or more that is funding this project .

According to “Computer World,” that the Gaussian is the first spy tool backed by a government program that uses a bank, and among his duties stealing bank statements from several Middle Eastern banks. Hovanberg said, “It seems that the program Gaussian is used as an instrument of control, and we believe at present that is used to control the flow of money balances, we do not believe they are trying to take over any amounts . ”
Source: alestiqama