U.S. reports confirm the spread of cancer diseases in the city of Fallujah because of U.S. arms

Alwani reveals U.S. reports confirm the spread of cancer diseases in the city of Fallujah because of U.S. arms

Monday, August 13 / August 2012 11:24

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the Iraqi List, Khalid al-Alwani, the existence of reports issued by U.S. doctors confirmed that the weapons the U.S. military behind the spread of cancer diseases among the children of the city of Fallujah.

He said al-Alwani in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Monday that “the city of Fallujah, suffering from the spread of epidemics and diseases, cancer, heart and congenital malformations among the population since the attack on it by the U.S. occupation forces in 2004 and to this day.”

He added that “the Fallujah hospital, which was the scene of the U.S. military destroyed in 2004 resorted to American doctors to treat children suffering from heart problems,” noting that “U.S. doctors confirmed that these diseases are caused by the U.S. military’s use of weapons banned internationally, which caused the spread of such a disease in the city, “noting that” what happened to the city can not be forgotten. ”

He said the Attorney for the province of Anbar, “We asked previously and continue to demand accountability from causing havoc in this city oppressed by suffering today from the proliferation of all types of diseases among the population, especially children who were born after the wars in Fallujah, the first and second in 2004 by the use of the U.S. occupation forces brutal lethal weapons has caused these diseases. ”

The Fallujah General Hospital, he opened a special section of the cardiac catheterization and American doctors who used their part, emphasized that the cause of increased incidence of heart disease among residents of the city of Fallujah caused by radiation weapons used by the U.S. military against it. Ended m
Source: alforatnews