Al-Alawi: the formation of the negotiating mechanism eliminates the middlemen between Baghdad and Erbil

Hassan Al-Alawi: the formation of the negotiating mechanism eliminates the middlemen between Baghdad and Erbil

13/08/2012 16:09

Erbil, 13 August / August (Rn) – An independent MP Hassan Al-Alawi, said on Monday that the formation of a negotiated higher in the Kurdistan Region to discuss outstanding issues with Baghdad is a title and a clear display of the unit of national unity of Iraq, saying that it eliminates the mechanism of intermediaries between Baghdad and Erbil.  The president of the Government Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani in (08/07/2012) during the consultative meeting, attended by representatives of political parties and political parties in Kurdistan, on the formation of a higher council for negotiation between the Kurdistan region and the federal government, the formation of a committee to discuss the mechanism of the establishment of the Council. “The idea of a Council Up to negotiate with Baghdad was based on the preparation of a variety governmental seventh province of Kurdistan, which is not affiliated to any powers or political entity, but is a national project. ” and said the top of the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) announced today it was “just a Negotiating Council, means that the Kurdistan region going to dialogue and understanding with Baghdad, not to conflict and violence, “adding,” This committee is different from committees other small, which almost represents the province. ” and added “regardless of the success of the efforts of the Council or the debacle, it is a mechanism designed to defuse the conflict between Baghdad and Erbil , “pointing out that” this Council will sing the Iraqis to resort to the mechanism of intermediaries that do not Ahbzha “.” and increased the top saying “For this I see into respect to the resolution establishing the Council, I call on Baghdad to the formation of similar, and thus so they can be a form of political action the national , “stressing that” the council canceled the mechanism Alostat that do not lead to the results of the courage and daring on the grounds that the mediator possesses no resolution, it is merely an intermediary between two parties. ” and decided to Kurdistan early last April, before re-exported earlier this month, to stop all exports from the region of oil until further notice because of lack of commitment by the federal government to pay the dues of foreign companies, oil operating in the region. It was assumed the region that pumps 175 thousand barrels per day in the tube of government, which links Kirkuk port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean. Since approval of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, such as the Law oil and gas major outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, which is no less important for decision makers in the region on Article 140 of the Constitution relating to the disputed areas. The dispute is between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 oil contracts signed by the Government of the Territory since 2007 and so far, described Baghdad as non- legal. government says the region that Baghdad pay up to $ 1.5 billion as receivables to companies producing oil in Kurdistan, while Baghdad agreed to pay nearly $ 560 million only. and has the KRG oil reserves of 45 billion barrels and embarked Government of the Territory after 2003 introduced the fields oil to foreign investment. in Baghdad says that decades the region’s oil with foreign companies are illegal. -The Kurdistan Region has rejected a draft law of oil and gas a few months ago approved by the Iraqi government and sent to the House of Representatives, says Erbil The draft focuses authorities, however, the federal government in this regard at the expense of the region and the provinces Peace Baghdadi

Source: aknews