Customs Authority need to at least two years for the application of tariff

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Economic Commission MP / National Alliance / Abdulabas broadly, that the General Customs confirmed that it needs a period of time not less than two years for the application of the Tariff Act because they lack “of the system global” on the customs and needs things to logistical and other technical.

said Xiaa (of the Agency news): The federal government presented a draft law requiring him to postpone the application of tariff indefinitely determined by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers according to its estimates of the economic situation-General of the country, noting that the Commission rejected that of calling the Director General of Customs to determine the timeframe for the application of the law.

He added that the Director of the Commission stressed that the whole is fully prepared to apply the tariff during the current period because of the things described logisticians and technical Kqlh offices and headquarters on the border and the lack of human cadres trained and lack of authority to the electronic system the world’s customs, to be applied to all border crossing points and control over all goods entering the country, as well as it allows for the electronic control accurately.

and pointed out: that most of the Iraqi border is controlled by the federal government because some of them are under the control of the Kurdistan Region This is difficult to control by the Customs General When the application of the tariff at the moment affected will be some traders that some of them will enter his goods from the border Kurdistan to avoid duties on items imported. and between: that the Director General of the Commission stressed that the whole need for a minimum of two years for the application of the Tariff Act to ensure the application of sound, fair and achieve equality between traders in all border crossing points.

It is noted that the Ministry of Finance identified in the February 16, 2012 the first of next July, the date for the direct tariff for all goods entering Iraq to support the production, industry, local agriculture and the reduction of dumping bad. For its part, demanded that the federal government to slow down the law of the tariff for the reasons described Balphenah any non-qualifying institutions on the Application of the law.

The law provides for the imposition of customs duties on imported goods, not included in the table of tariff duties, by no more than 20% of its value, to be exempt samples and models that are not of commercial value, customs duties, It also took into account the law in the application of its provisions, the facilities afforded by the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, on goods imported for investment projects exclusively, and comes with a view to attract the maximum amount of investment companies and businessmen to work in Iraq.