Mahmoud Othman confirmed a US mediation to resolve disputes between Baghdad and Erbil

The Kurdistan Alliance leader Mahmoud Osman

The Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman, Saturday, there are US mediation conducted publicly to resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil, expected to start with political activities back into the country, the President of the Republic with surprised talk about reforms at this time.

Osman said in an interview for “alsumaria news”, that “us mediation conducted publicly to resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil because their stabilization of the situation in Iraq”, stating that “since about a month ago contacts on the subject so contact us Vice President Joe Biden by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani to narrow the differences between them in order to resolve differences, and Biden Adviser, Tony Lincoln came and met with the parties, as well as Washington’s Ambassador in Baghdad who tries to intervene to resolve differences”.

Othman predicted that “there will be political movements with the return of the President of the Republic to the country.”

The President of the Republic of Iraq, on (June 17, 2012), President Jalal Talabani arrived in Germany for medical tests, and Talabani, in (20 June 2012), successful knee surgery in a hospital in Germany.

Osman said that “reform paper was in response to the confidence and the interrogation of Al-Maliki,” adding that “the country for nine years as the worst they have and have not found from talking about reforms,” wondering “will the new” reform paper.

Osman said that “incomplete reform paper within the same National Alliance of a disagreement between the Sadr movement and the State of the law on amnesty and the mandate of Prime Minister two and other things”, pointing out that “there are other blocks that are writing paper considers reforms by all blocks and not by one block”.

He was Deputy from the coalition of State law, said Ihsan Al-Awadi said Saturday that work hard and genuine reform and stems from the insistence of National Alliance to reach solutions to problems, with the second phase of the reform launched after the end of the first, revealed the formation of several committees within the Coalition to negotiate with other blocks.

The Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Iraqi National Alliance President Ibrahim Al-Jafari, on Friday (August 10), the need for direct dialogue with blocks and all national forces to speed up the necessary reforms.

The Al-Jaafari said during a press conference with the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, Ammar al-Hakim, on Friday, the political climate in Iraq “more positive” than they were previously, near meetings between blocks after beyond bilateral dialogues, as Hakim prepared for “inconclusive,” after the day of Eid.

The State of law Coalition revealed, (June 26, 2012), the National Alliance to form a Committee to develop a paper includes all components, including the Sadr camp to a political reform to accommodate problems plaguing the political process and Government and State.

The head of the House of Osama in Tehran and the Islamic Supreme Council, Ammar Hakim (1 August 2012), the need for reforms paper finalized during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

The National Alliance was announced on (6 July 2012), the authorization reform Committee formed by other political blocs to approach and dialogues with them, stressing the importance of calming political parties by media.

The reform Committee formed by the Coalition to reform the political process, held in (July 4, 2012), meeting in the presence of representatives of political entities belonging to it (most notably the coalition of State law and the Islamic Supreme Council and Sadr movement), and saw the completion of previous discussions to come up with a unified vision and clear on the political issues at stake, a day after the leader of the Sadr movement invited Moqtada Sadr to be neutral Reform Commission.