Iraq paid 38 trillion dinars from the rest of Kuwait and the compensation of up to 20 trillion

Parliamentary Finance: Iraq paid 38 trillion dinars from the rest of Kuwait and the compensation of up to 20 trillion

11:10:09 / 08/2012

Khandan – revealed the Finance Committee in the House, that Iraq has to pay about 38 trillion dinars of the amounts of compensation Kuwait approved by the United Nations after the invasion of Saddam Hussein of Kuwait in 1991, pointing out that the remaining amount of compensation up to 20 trillion dinars is the remainder of the total debt implications. She pointed out that it has a formal letter from the Office of Financial Supervision, refers to a conflict in the financial statements on the payment of debts to Kuwait, while the stresses when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that these amounts has been initiated for payment since 2003, insists the Ministry of Finance on the date of payment launched since 1991. said Najiba Najib member of the Finance Committee House of Representatives, in an interview with the newspaper “the world”, the “war reparations Kuwait owed by the Iraqi government’s ability to 58 trillion dinars, and the decision of the United Nations is required to pay such compensation from annual revenues of the budget of any deduct 5 percent of the revenues of the State of Iraq to Kuwait, and the rest to now nearly 20 trillion only of the total debt. ” and added that “the governments of Iraq and Kuwait between them now is a good relationship, and there were negotiations between the two, and perhaps there is hope that is to negotiate and resolve the issue of debt between the two countries, and resulted in these negotiations, was pushed Iraq 500 million Iraqi dinars with respect to claims on Iraqi Airways, and will be paid $ 300 million installment initial of the total amount, and we consider it a good omen and a sign that relations have improved, and there can be also exempt from this debt. ” According to Najib that he “has been the enactment of the special permit of the federal government to pay financial dues of Kuwait and the consequences of Iraqi Airways, which included granting $ 300 million as a down payment during the current year and acted within the budget of 2012, while the remaining $ 200 million, will be repaid in the next year and devote his money within the budget 2013. ” It showed Najib that this “law was the first reading to him in the House, but met with objections from some lawmakers, as confirmed that Iraqi Airways, including as a company is profitable and has a continuous work must to bear these amounts, not the government, because the money that Stsrvha government is the people’s money, and we are now waiting for the second reading after complete them for a vote. ” concluded Najib that “the budget 2012 did not include within them any financial allocations to pay these debts, and add these amounts to the budget needs to be legislation special law allowing the federal government to grant Kuwait $ 300 million as a down payment within budget allocations by 2012, to pay off debts owed by Iraqi Airways for 20 years, “adding that” Kuwait 20 years ago, filed a lawsuit in international courts against airlines Iraq, ruled Bngrema a certain amount, but with the passage of time and with greater financial benefit, the total value amount to 500 million dollars. ” The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives estimated the compensation paid by Iraq to Kuwait by 20 percent, and Iraq will continue to pay the 5 consecutive years, pointing out that Iraq is obliged to pay 5 percent annually for the State of Kuwait, according to the international resolution of the United Nations. in turn, said Magda Abdel-spectrum-Tamimi; member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, in an interview with “the world”, that “the Commission a formal letter from the Office of Financial Supervision , refers to a difference in the financial statements on the payment of debts to Kuwait, an outsourcing confirms that these amounts were to start Ptsudaiha since 2003, The Ministry of Finance emphasizes that the payment started since 1991, so the views are conflicting, but the documents that prove Iraq paid for this debt are uncertain to Now, Valmsthompskat and referred to in the records of the Ministry of Finance is not clear, and we say since 1991, but records do not exist. ” She Tamimi, “there must be a match between the two ministries; foreign and finance in their information on the subject of debt, on the grounds that payment must be terminated if the starting date since 1991, but if since 2003 Valtsudaid front of many stages, “noting that” we are not aware yet of any Almalhumican can be adopted by the Board of Supreme Audit, according to his reports on the final accounts of the state. ” “the world ”
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